How can I fuel my co-founder's motivation and engagement?

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    We are four co-founders who found each other last summer and started discussing a business idea, we prototyped and worked on our business model all the way through the fall and winter and then took the plunge and went full time at the start of this year when we got accepted into a startup incubator that ran all through Video startup .

    We launched the product during the incubator program and have been on the market for a few months now, and we're starting to build some traction. We still have a long road ahead of us but I feel like we have a real shot at doing something worthwhile with this business. As the months have gone by a number of realisations have been growing on me. I've really found myself in this endeavour and the feeling that I am now doing the work of my life is starting to take hold. I feel that what we are doing is both viable as a business and improving people's lives, and I get to push and challenge myself creatively in ways I never have before.

    I'm not sure my three co-founders have come to the same conclusion yet, and I'd like some tips on how to build their enthusiasm. I generate the majority of the business ideas and am generally the person who pushes to get the ball rolling on both the sales, business, and product development side. I would love to see my co-founders actively working to improve things in the same way, but they remain pretty passive and cautious in many ways.

    They are sometimes quick to identify problems, but they rarely put in the work to find solutions. I work a lot more than the others, probably twice the amount of hours compared to the person who puts in the least. This is both because I am intensely motivated and invested in what we're doing and I love the work, but also because I'm picking up slack where I feel that others aren't contributing as much as they should.

    Anyone have experience from this type of situation? How do I motivate the rest of my team to start taking more responsibility for the growth of our business instead of treating it as a regular 9 - 5 job? There is no one else around to pick up the slack if we don't all put in the hard work needed to get to where we want to go. It might be worth noting that I've worked in startups before this but the others have not. Also worth noting is that I'm not the CEO.

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