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    NetFront Browser v3.5

    Najnowsza wersja na rynku (Maj 2009)

    Filmik z HTC

    Co obsługuje (Opis Eng.)
    Specifications | NetFront Browser v3.5

    [New in NetFront Browser v3.5]

    * NetFront Browser Widgets
    * Rendering Quality Enhancement
    o HTML MP 1.2
    o CSS2.1/CSS3 (partial)
    o Canvas Tag
    o Column Rendering
    * UX Evolutions
    o Stick Navi
    o Swift Navi
    o Smart Slider Menu
    o Smart Swing Navi

    [Supported Standards]
    Compliant with the OMA Browsing 2.3 specification

    cHTML, HTML 4.01, XHTML1.1, XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2, WML 1.3, SVGT-1.2, SMIL 2.1, RSS feed (RSS 0.9/0.91/0.92/1.0/2.0, Atom 0.3/1.0)

    CSS1, CSS2.1, CSS3 (partial), CSS MP1

    [Advanced Scripting]

    * ECMAScript 262 3rd Edition
    * ECMAScript Mobile Profile
    * WMLScript
    * DOM Level 1, Level 2
    * Dynamic HTML
    * Ajax (XMLHttpRequest)


    * HTTP 1.0/1.1
    * WAP
    * IPv4/IPv6 Dual TCP/IP


    * SSL3/TLS1.0
    * Crypto modules

    [Memory Requirements]

    * ROM: 1MB-3MB (Kernel +SLIM)
    * RAM: 2MB- (Depending on complexity of content viewed)

    [Main Features]

    * Tabbed Multi-Window support
    * Column Rendering
    * Stick Navi
    * Swift Navi
    * Smart Slider Menu
    * Smart Swing Navi
    * PagePilot (smooth pan and zoom navigation)
    * Visual Bookmarks
    * Virtual Pointer (pointing device emulation)
    * Smart-Fit Rendering™
    * Rapid-Render™
    * Intelligent Frame Handling (Select and zoom individual frames)
    * Continuously adjustable Zooming/Animation Zoom
    * Offline Browsing and Page/Image Saving
    * Word Wrap, Line boundary character check
    * Streaming Download
    * DirectConnect (Secure monitoring and control of devices from the browser)
    * Intelligent Pop-Up Blocker
    * Integrated Internet Search Menu
    * Auto Form-Filling
    * Authentication Manager
    * International Domain Name

    [Supported Operating Systems]

    * Linux® (ACCESS Linux PlatformTM, Qt/Embedded, Qtopia, GTK+, and others)
    * Symbian OS (Series 60 and UIQ)
    * Garnet™ OS
    * BREW, REX OS
    * Microsoft Windows CE family, Microsoft Windows Mobile (Pocket PC, Smartphone)
    * VxWorks
    * Nucleus
    * ITRON
    * Others (OS-9, OSE etc.)

    [Supported CPUs]

    * ARM®
    * XScale®
    * StrongARM®
    * PowerPC®
    * MIPS®
    * SH-Mobile and others

    [Plug-In and Extension Modules]

    NetFront SMIL Player & SVG Viewer
    SMIL and SVG modules can be implemented as plug-ins or as stand-alone players for advanced 3G push services with rich multimedia content.

    JV-Lite 2
    JV-Lite™ 2 is a SUN Microsystems authorized Java™ execution environment for embedded applications. JV-Lite 2 class libraries are optimized for embedded and provide the best balance of performance, footprint, and portability.

    NetFront Document Viewer
    NetFront™ Document Viewer enables full viewing of PDF files and Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on mobile handsets.

    Flash, Flash Lite (Adobe)
    NetFront Browser provides a ready-to-use interface to integrate Adobe® Flash® Player supporting Flash content embedded within a Web page.

    FXUI (Digital Aria)
    FXUITM, a solution from Digital Aria Co., Ltd., is a vector graphic multimedia solution for mobile devices. FXUI is designed for CPU environments featuring ARM9 100MHz processors (or higher) and can play back vector graphic content in the QVGA class at 12 FPS or more. FXUI supports the playback of Adobe® Flash LiteTM 2.0 and Adobe® Flash® 7.0 content.

    Mascot Capsule (HI)
    Mascot Capsule is a 3D rendering engine that supports the display of visually rich 3D games or other 3D content on mobile devices.

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