LGG3 phone issue with screen

Temat w 'LG' rozpoczęty przez ngomaichi, 20.05.2016.

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    Was fine before the latest update, but now the screen of the game doesnt adjust when the LG's menu buttons are on screen.
    Usually i would have to slide from the right edge of my screen to get the LG menu buttons to show and it will be transparent and the game screen with adjust so the game cannot function over the LG menus. Then the BACK HOME and MENU buttons will disappear and u co tinue with the game.

    Now when touching anything on the right side of the screen, the menu buttons appear completely overlapping the right edge of the screen (not transparent) and will stay there permanent unless i do a function in the LG menu then it will disappear.
    So im constantly having to pull down the LG menu and then pull back up while making a deck and its hard to scroll threw the cards when if gives me this issue

    note: wouldve uploaded a screenshot but its PNG so i cant

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