Android - Only Paid - Week 12 2018 - APPS Paczki aplikacji za darmo


Paczka płatnych aplikacji, tydzień 12, 2018.

Aplikacje można pobierać pojedynczo ;)

Lista aplikacji z paczki:
1Tap Cleaner Pro v3.28b1 [Paid] LP and GPh
420 Pack For KWGT v2018.Mar.22.10
AdClear v8.0.0.507098 [Non-Root Full-Version Ad Blocker]
Agenda 2018 pro v5.16
Album Art Changer Pro v3.0
AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.0.9 b168 [Paid]
Android P Volume Slider - P Volume Control v1.16 [Paid]
APK Editor Pro v1.9.1 [Paid, Patched]
AppLock Pro - Smart AppProtect 2 v3.20.7 [Patched]
Arthur Icon Pack v2.6 patched
Background Sound Recorder v2.31 [Paid]
Barometer In Status Bar v3.0
Blue Mail - Email & Calendar App v1.9.4.6 b12561
BlueWay - Smart Bluetooth v3.4.0.0 [Paid]
busuu - Easy Language Learning v13.2.0.32 [Premium]
Call Recorder Pro v0.71 by lithiumS
Call Ringtones Maker v1.64 [Premium]
Call Ringtones Maker v1.65 [Premium]
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal v6.34 [Subscribed]
Camera MX - Photo, Video, GIF Camera & Editor v4.7.161 [Unlocked]
Camera360 v9.0.8 build 109008100 [Mod]
Car Launcher Pro v2.2.1.59 [Paid]
CloudPlayer Platinum cloud music player v1.5.4 build 10141 [Patched]
CM Launcher 3D-Theme Wallpaper v5.23.2 [Pro]
COL Reminder v3.4 build 364 Final [Donate]
ControlR v4.0.0 (Paid)
Conversations (Jabber XMPP) v2.0.0 [Paid]
Crystal Particle Plexus 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.6 [Paid]
Date Calculator (PRO-version) v2.2
DoubleTwist Pro music player (FLAC ALAC & Gapless) v3.1.4 build 30015 [Patched]
Droid Tesla Pro v6.0 (Paid)
Easy Auto GPS PRO 1.0
EasyJoin Pro - Send photos to PC & more v1.2.16 patched
Ekstar App Backup & Restore v2.0
Emby for Android v2.9.92 [Unlocked]
File Manager by Splend Apps v2.0.12 [Unlocked]
Fishing Points GPS & Forecast v2.6.7 [Premium]
Fleksy + GIF Keyboard v9.5.0 build 604 [Premium] ARM
Fleksy + GIF Keyboard v9.5.0 build 604 [Premium] x86
Flowx long range weather forecast v2.226 [Pro]
Flux - Substratum Theme v2.5.6 [Patched]
Follow - realtime location app using GPS Network v1.8.9 [Paid] GP and LP
Full Screen Caller ID v12.6.0 [Pro]
FX File Explorer v7.0.1.0 [Plus Root]
G-Stomper Studio v5.7.1.2
GO SMS Pro v7.53 build 431 [Premium]
Google Play Store v9.2.11-all [Patched Installer]
Google Play Store v9.2.11-all [Patched Recovery].rar
Google Play Store v9.2.11-all [Patched]
Grapher Pro 3D v1.0.1
Handy GPS v28.7 [Paid]
Hermit Lite Apps Browser v12.0.2-BETA [Premium]
HobDrive OBD2 ELM327, car diagnostics, trip comp v1.5.30 GP or LP
Hydraulic CALC pro v1.60
Ice Box - Apps freezer v3.7.0 G build 712 [Pro]
Infinite Painter v6.1.39 [Unlocked]
KLCK Maker v3.30b808213 [Pro]
KLWP Maker v3.30b808213 [Pro]
KWGT Maker v3.30b808213 [Pro]
LARA Automotive Locksmith Aid v1.87 [Paid]
Le Monde, l'info en continu v8.1.5 [Subscribed]
Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.30.2 [Paid]
Mador - Icon Pack v16.0.0 [Patched]
Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader v3.3.0 [Premium]
Map Coordinates v4.6.4 [Pro]
Moon+ Reader Pro v4.5.0 build 450003 [Mod Lite] ARM
Moon+ Reader Pro v4.5.0 build 450003 [Mod Lite] x86
Neon Cube Cells 2 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.5 [Paid]
Neon Glow - Icon Pack v6.1.0 [Patched]
NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.190 [Pro]
Network Signal Info Pro v4.50.01 build 186 [Paid]
New Launcher 2018 themes, icon packs, wallpapers v4.0 [Prime]
Nine - Email & Calendar v4.1.7e [Unlocked]
Note Recognition - Convert Music into Sheet Music v1.00 b14 [Paid]
Nougat Launcher Pixel Edition v7.14.44 [Prime]
Oxygen 8.0 Substratum Theme v47.2 [Patched] - PitchBlack
PDF Viewer & Reader v2.0 [Pro]
Peak - Brain Games & Training v3.7.16 [Unlocked]-OBB
Peak - Brain Games & Training v3.7.16 [Unlocked]
Perfect365 One-Tap Makeover v7.21.9 [Unlocked]
Phoenix for VK v4_0_1 patched
PhraseMates Translator, Language Chat, Phrasebook v2.0.0 [Premium]
Pulsar Music Player Pro v1.7.5 build 107 [Paid]
Rain Alarm Pro v5.0.29 build 326 [Patched]
Ray of sun Icon Pack v6.0 [Paid]
RecForge II Pro Audio Recorder v1.2.5g [AOSP]
Retro8 (NES Emulator) v1.0.8 [Paid]
Rewun - Icon Pack v10.8.0 [Patched]
Rifon - Icon Pack v16.2.0 [Patched]
Root Call SMS Manager v1.12 [Unlocked]
S S8 Launcher - Galaxy S8 Launcher, theme, cool v3.7 [Prime]
S7 S8 Launcher for Galaxy S J A, theme & icon v1.3 [Prime]
ScanBizCards Premium v4.1.1
Scanner Radio Pro Police, Fire, and Air Traffic v6.8.1
Secretpassword v0.8.0
SeriesGuide v41.2 Final [Premium]
Sleep as Android v20180323 build 1891 [Unlocked]
Slow Motion Video Zoom Player Premium v2.3.09
Smart Tools v2.0.8a [Patched]
SMS, my Car and Me v3.5.1.1 LP
SongBook v4.9 (Paid)
Sprite Substratum Theme v1.213 [Patched]
Storage Space v19.2.3 [Premium]
Talking Translator Pro v6.8.3
Tasker v5.1.4b.bf4 [Paid]
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean v1.8.10 {Premium]
The Economist GBR v2.5.2 [Subscribed]
The Guardian v5.4.1531 [Subscribed]
The Telegraph - Live News v8.7.4 [Subscribed]
Time Balance - Personal Timer v2.5.4 patched
tinyCam Monitor PRO v9.3 Beta 3 [Paid]
Translucent Substratum Theme v2.54 [Patched]
Truecaller Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer v8.81.6 [Mod Lite]
TurboScan document scanner v1.5.2 (Paid)
USA VPN v1.5.0 [Premium]
Vape Tool Pro v24.03.2018-pro [Patched]
Velur - Icon Pack v16.9.0 [Patched]
VertIcons Icon Pack v1.1.8 [Patched]
VFR GPS Airplane Navigation v1.91 [Paid]
Virtual Music Teacher v1.4
Vopor - Icon Pack v13.1.0 [Patched]
VSCO Cam v52 [Unlocked] ARM
VSCO Cam v52 [Unlocked] x86
Wazzap Migrator v3.5.0 [Paid]
Wazzap Migrator v3.5.0 [Patched]
WiFi Overview 360 Pro v4.20.09 [Paid]
WPSApp Pro v1.6.15 [Patched]
X-plore File Manager v3.98.25 [Donate]
X-plore File Manager v3.98.25 [Patched]
YoWindow Weather v2.5.20 [Paid]

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