Android - Only Paid - Week 07 2018 - APPS Paczki aplikacji za darmo



Paczka płatnych aplikacji, tydzień 7 2018.

Aplikacje można pobierać pojedynczo ;)

Lista aplikacji z paczki:
1Tap WiFi Refresh Pro v9.0.0 [Unlocked]
3D Flip Clock & Weather Pro v4.26.01 [Paid]
Abs Workout - Daily Fitness v4.1.0 [Unlocked]
Abstract Particles Wallpaper v1.0.11 [Paid]
ActionDirector Video Editor - Edit Videos Fast v2.9.10 [Unlocked]
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.3
Akinator VIP v6.3 [Paid]
All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) v8.1.0 [Pro]
AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.0.8 (Paid)
AndroMoney Pro v3.6.2 [Paid]
APK INSTALLER PRO v3.0.7 [Unlocked]
App Ops - Permission Manager v2.3.7.r574.6b5a3de [Unlocked]
AppInfo Mini v1.0.40 [Unlocked]
Aqua Mail - email app v1.14.0-780-dev [Pro]
At A Glance Widget for KWGT v13.0.0-release
AuditBricks - Site Auditing, Snagging & Punch List v1.14
Auto Wallpaper Changer (CLARO Pro) v1.4
B1 File Manager and Archiver Pro v1.0.079
Backdrops - Wallpapers v3.14 [Pro]
Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) v4.9.82 [Unlocked]
Beep Test Pro v3.58 [Paid]
BigBlu Substratum Theme v21.3 [Patched]
Binary Calculator Pro_4.0
BitTorrent Pro - Torrent App v4.9.2 [Mod Lite] ARM
BitTorrent Pro - Torrent App v4.9.2 [Mod Lite] ARM64
BitTorrent Pro - Torrent App v4.9.2 [Mod Lite] x86
Brave Browser Fast AdBlocker v1.0.42
CAPM Pocket Prep v4.5.0 [Premium]
Car Camera v1.2.4 [Paid]
CEH Pocket Prep v4.5.0 [Premium]
Chroma Note v1.4.4 [Vip]
CISSP Pocket Prep v4.5.0 [Premium]
ClevCalc - Calculator v2.15.1 [Premium]
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist v2.17.10 [Premium]
Collateral - Create Notifications v4.6.4 [Pro]
Colorfy - Coloring Book v3.5 [Plus]
Coloring Book for Me & Mandala v3.0 [Premium]
Contacts Backup & Restore Pro v2.7
Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit v18.7 [Pro]
Daily Yoga - Morning Exercise 2 v1.1.5
Deliveries Package Tracker v5.4.2 build 1883 [Pro]
Device Info HW+ v4.8.0 [Patched]
Dictionary - Merriam-Webster v4.1.2 Unlocked
Dictionary Pro v7.5.6 [Paid]
Do Not Disturb - Silent Mode Premium v3.6.0 patched
Domination Substratum Theme v8.0 [Patched]
Done - Daily planner, to do & widget v1.5.0 [Pro]
Download Progress++ v2.1.0 [Patched]
Dream EPG Premium v7.5.0 b625 [Paid]
Dream EPG Premium v7.5.0 [Paid]
Droid Automation - Pro Edition v3.1
Dropbox Backup-1.2
Duplicate Contact Merger Pro v4.6
English Word Formation v1.1.5 patched
Eurosport v5.11.2 [Mod Debloated]
Everywhere Launcher v1.51 [Pro]
EX Kernel Manager v3.44 [Mod Lite]
Extreme Clock Pro wallpaper v1.1
EZ Notes - voice notes & lists v2.85 [Paid]
F-Stop Gallery v4.9.14 [Pro]
Falcon Pro 3 v1.7.1 [Patched]
FancyKey Keyboard - Cool Fonts v4.5 build 3982 [Plus]
Fast Camera - HD Camera Professional v1.92R [Paid]
Feelm Natura - Analog Filters v1.0.21 [Paid]
Feelm Rosy - Analog Filters v1.0.21 [Paid]
File Commander - File Manager Explorer v4.5.16590 [Premium]
FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v4.10.1 [Premium]
FL Studio Mobile v3.1.88b [Patched]-OBB.part1
FL Studio Mobile v3.1.88b [Patched]-OBB.part2
FL Studio Mobile v3.1.88b [Patched]
Flux - Substratum Theme v2.3.9 [Patched]
Flux White - Substratum Theme v2.0.3 [Patched]
Font Changer Pro v2.1
Free Message-1.3
Free Music Player Endless Free Songs v1.212 [Premium]
Full Screen Caller ID v12.5.7 build 515 [Pro]
G-Stomper Studio v5.7.0.2
GO FBChat-2.0
GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper v2.48 b646 [Prime]
GO SMS Emoji Plugin(GO & Android)-2.0
GO SMS My Location plug-in-1.3
GO SMS Permission Plugin-1.0
GO SMS Pro v7.49 build 426 [Premium] Languages
GO SMS Pro v7.49 build 426 [Premium]
GO SMS Theme Maker-1.8
GPS Speed Pro 3.3.62 [Patched]
Gravity Screen Pro - On Off v3.16.0 [Unlocked]
Guitar Tutor Pro - Learn Songs v35 All Intervals [Paid]
Gyro Particles 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.4 [Paid]
HD Wallpapers Pro 2.0
Hex Particles 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.4 [Paid]
IMDb Movies & TV v7.3.5.107350100 [Mod]
Infinite Cubes Particles 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.4 [Paid]
Infinite Painter v6.1.26 [Unlocked]
Infinite Particles 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.9 [Paid]
ISS Detector Pro v2.02.85 Pro [Paid]
Karaoke Sing & Record v3.1.079 [Vip]
Kernel Adiutor (ROOT) v0.9.74.3 [Donate]
La Matinale du Monde v1.3.9 [Subscribed]
Learn Spanish with MosaLingua v10.0
Learn Tamil Quickly v1.0 [Premium]
Logo Maker - Logo Creator, Generator & Designer Premium v1.3
Love Stickers - Valentine v2.01
Lucky Patcher v7.0.8 [Mod Lite+]
Lucky Patcher v7.0.8
MacroDroid - Device Automation v3.19.12 build 8148 [Mod]
Map My Hike+ GPS Hiking v18.2.2 [Paid]
MapMyFitness+ Workout Trainer v18.2.2 [Paid]
Maps - Navigation & Transit v9.72.0
MarineTraffic ship positions v3.7.2 [Patched]
Matrix Determinant Pro_5.3
Matrix operations premium v2.9
MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder v7.55.05578 [Premium]
Memrise Learn a Foreign Language & New Vocabulary v2.94_4185 [Premium]
Microsoft exFAT NTFS for USB by Paragon Software v3.0.4 [Unlocked] ARM
MightySubs Premium v1.8.1
Mobile Print - PrinterShare v11.12.5 [Premium]
Monefy Pro - Money Manager v1.8.6 build 88 [Paid]
Money Lover Money Manager v3.7.11 [Premium]
Money Manager (+PC Editing) v.3.8.1 G.P (patched)
MoneyWise Pro v5.1.3
MyAppSharer v2.3.2 [Pro]
MyRadar Weather Radar v6.7.15 [Pro]
MYSTIC Poweramp Skin v3.04 [Paid]
myTuner Radio Pro v6.0.5 (Paid)
N Launcher Pro - Nougat 7.0 v1.5.0 [Patched]
N-CALC - FX 570 ES PLUS v2.3.0 [Premium]
Nature Sounds v3.1.1 [Unlocked]
NDTV News Premium - India v8.1.3 [Subscribed]
Neon Cubes 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.2 [Paid]
Notifications Manager (Unreleased) v2.0.157 [Pro]
OfficeSuite Office + PDF Editor & Converter v9.2.10952 [Premium]
Omnichan Pro 4chan and 8chan Client v1.17 [Paid]
Omv remote v1.1.40 [Pro]
OO Launcher for Android O 8.0 Oreo PRIME v3.9.1
Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List v8.2.1_813 [Pro]
Paperboy Feedly RSS News reader v9.8.4.3 [Premium]
PDF Converter & PDF Editor v3.8 [Paid]
Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.0.22 build 2377 [Patched]
PhotoDirector Photo Editor App v6.2.1 [Premium]
Photomath - Camera Calculator v4.1.0 build 5000217 ARM
Photomath - Camera Calculator v4.1.0 build 5000217 ARM64
Photomath - Camera Calculator v4.1.0 build 5000217 x86
PhotoMotion Maker Living & Animated Photo Creator v1.1 [Pro]
Piano Play & Learn Free Songs v1.0.317 [Vip]
Pigment - Coloring Book v1.3.0 [Premium]
Plex for Android v6.13.7.3458 Final [Unlocked] ARM
Plex for Android v6.13.7.3458 Final [Unlocked] ARM64
Plex for Android v6.13.7.3458 Final [Unlocked] x86
Podcast Addict v3.50.6 build 1521 [Donate]
PROJECT O for KLWP v2018.Feb.13.14
ProShot v5.6.2 [Patched]
PYKL3 Radar (USA NEXRAD TDWR) v2. (Paid)
Quick Reminder Pro To Do Notes Reminder Pro v1.6 [Paid]
Rain Alarm Pro v5.0.28 build 323 [Patched]
RegexH v1.8.2 [Unlocked]
ROM Toolbox Pro v6.4.0.0 [Patched]
Rotation - Orientation Manager v8.6.1 Full Unlocked
Round Corners v2.1 [Paid]
Run with Map My Run + v18.2.2 [Paid]
RunKeeper - GPS Track Run Walk v8.5 [Elite]
Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO v3.5.4 [Paid]
Runtastic Results Training App v2.7.1 [Premium]
Runtastic Road Bike PRO v3.5.4 [Paid]
Sensors Toolbox v1.1.4 [Premium]
Shazam Encore v8.3.1-180206 [Paid]
Simple Control (Navigation bar) v2.3.7 [Unlocked]
Simple Habit Meditation v1.27.2 [Subscribed]
Simple Social Pro v6.2.1f [Patched]
Skimeister v1.1.0 [Unlocked]
Smart Swipe (Sub) Launcher - Quick Arc Launcher v2.3.2
SmartOffice - View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs v3.0.14
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.7 build 200128 [Unlocked] ARM
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.7 build 200128 [Unlocked] Icons
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.7 build 200128 [Unlocked] Plugins
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.7 build 200128 [Unlocked] x86
Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords v2.1.1 [Premium]
SoundHound - Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player v8.5.0 [Paid]
Space Weather App v2.9.4 [Paid]
Speed Camera Radar v2.1.10 [Paid]
Speed View GPS Pro v1.3.97 [Patched]
Strava Running and Cycling GPS v33.0.0 [Mod]
Super Backup & Restore v2.2.10 [Premium]
Super Shortcuts v4.000.000.64_PRO [Patched]
Swift Light Substratum Theme v2.7 [Patched]
Text Converter Pro v3.9.6 [Patched]
The Best Funny Weather Forecast weatherpod v1.0 b72
The Economist World News v2.5.0 [Subscribed]
The Guardian v5.2.1500 [Subscribed]
Today Weather Forecast v1.2.6-7.130218 [Premium]
Total Commander v2.81b12 [Mod Lite]
Total Commander v2.81b12 [Mod]
TouchRemove 2018 v3.0 build (19) (Paid)
True Contact Pro v4.9.79
UPDATE SOFTWARE PRO v1.5.3 [Unlocked]
Video2me GIF Maker & Video Editor v1.5.6 [Pro]
Viktoria Substratum Theme for Samsung v3.0 [Patched]
Vizmato - Create & Watch Cool Videos! v1.0.761 [Unlocked]
Vyapar GST Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory v8.6 [Unlocked] Barcode
Vyapar GST Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory v8.6 [Unlocked] Language
Vyapar GST Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory v8.6 [Unlocked]
Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation v4.35.0.6
WIFI PASSWORD ALL IN ONE v2.0.5 [Unlocked]
WIFI PASSWORD MASTER v6.0.9 [Unlocked]
WiFi Warden ( WPS Connect ) v1.8.9.5 [Unlocked]
XDA Feed - Customize Your Android v0.30.3 Final
XE Currency Pro v4.6.1 (Patched)
Xposed edge pro-v4.4.1_build_42
YoWindow Weather v2.5.4 [Paid]
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.1 build 9115 [Paid] ARM
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.1 build 9115 [Paid] ARM64
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.1 build 9115 [Paid] x86
[Substratum] Mono Art v17.3 [Patched]
[Substratum] ResoluteUI v1.5 [Patched]
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