Inne (ANDROID) Navitel Navigator v

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    (ANDROID) Navitel Navigator v


    Navitel-full- - suitable for screens with any resolution;
    Navitel-normal- - WQVGA400, HVGA, WVGA / Smartphone;
    Navitel-large- - WVGA800 / tablet;
    Navitel-small-9.4 .0.84_crk - QVGA, VGA;
    Navitel-xlarge- - WXGA

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    Navitel v9.4.0.84 RePack

    Navitel-normal GP RePack
    Navitel-large GP RePack

    Installing RePack:
    1. Prepare smartphone \ tablet for installation:
    a) remove the previous version via Settings -> Applications -> Navitel -> Clear Data -> Stop -> Delete
    b ) from internal memory delete the entire folder NavitelContent;
    c) to external memory create - if it does not exist - folder NavitelContent, it subfolders Maps and Speedcams; first throws the right cards, and the second - downloaded speedcameras;
    d) reboot your smartphone \ tablet
    2. Download applications below apk, unrar it, throw on a smartphone \ plate ; Note: apk removed from fortumo_res, X86 libraries, as well as spidkamy, licenses and languages other than English, Russian and Ukrainian; cured library; added activation file for all official maps.
    3. Connect the smartphone \ tablet to Wi-Fi (mandatory for downloading skins of about 115 MB)
    4. Run the installed Navitel, go through the initialization, during which the skin download, install the skin, the primary setting. Usually on Android 4.4 becomes necessary to specify the program on cards installed on the external memory / NavitelContent / Maps, do it and close Navitel. Wi-Fi can also be disabled (at your option).
    5. With file manager go to the internal memory / Android / obb, copy out com.navitel subfolder with the internals (skin) and install it on the external memory / Android / obb / com.navitel. In the internal memory folder com.navitel deleted. Note: Item 5 is satisfied only when absolutely necessary to save space on the internal memory (approximately 115 MB)
    6. Navitel restarts, perform a detailed configuration for themselves, fail to stop updating programs and speedcameras;
    7. Navitel use in the form thus obtained RePack

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