Image Multi Upload is a web page plugin with following features:
  • upload single or multiple file via ajax,
  • resize image,
  • create image thumbnail (with keep image aspect ratio),
  • easy integrate with forms,
  • create any numbers of thumbnails under one upload,
  • customizable paths to thumbnails folders,
  • customizable thumbnails sizes and dimensions,
  • pass custom data,
  • files extension filters,
  • limit uploaded file size,
  • limit number of uploaded files,
  • auto upload, upload on click the button, upload on form submit
  • custom upload button,
  • upload statistics,
  • and more...
Image Multi Upload is very easy to implement. Implementation requires only four short steps:
  • upload required files to server
  • attach them to a website
  • create upload folder on server
  • place uploader on website
Every upload input that you would like to use as Image Multi Upload input should have IMU class.
If you're using many uploaders on one site, each of them will automatically get unique id. First will get IMU0Uploader id, second IMU1Uploader etc.